My Family History

I am restarting this website as I announced in my Welcome post. I have resurrected the family history information that I was working on a few years ago and I am starting from there to proceed with my family history. I have added that family history information to this website as of tonight.

I have finally setup my computer area again and I will be adding more information to my family history as I discover it!

Much more to come!

If you have any information to contribute or if you think any of the information is incorrect, please contact me!

Til Next Time, Kellie


I am restarting my website! I have removed all the old posts and I am starting from scratch with this blog.

From Today, this blog will be a sort of research log for my genealogy. I am also restarting my genealogy with this restarted website. I have decided to restart my genealogy with a restart of my use of the program The Master Genealogist and its companion program for creating websites: Second Site.

I find that The Master Genealogist suites the way that I think about My Family History. It is just easy for me to use so I am going to stop trying to change that and just use what works for me and makes it fun to do my genealogy again!

The Second Site program provides an output that looks the way that I want it to look and provides for multiple images for each event! I cannot find another program that allows me to customize the options for media as Second Site does.