My Genealogy Filing System

kst1969   April 30, 2007   Comments Off on My Genealogy Filing System

May 2007

Hello everyone,

At the beginning of the year, I began revising my genealogy filing system and the method I use to put my genealogy information into my genealogy program. I use Legacy Family Tree and I have finally found a combination of a filing system and a data entry/sourcing method that works for me!!

I enter my source documents as images in the related events for each person. That way when my genealogy program creates the webpages or the printed reports an image of the source is displayed next to the event for which it provides the information. Legacy’s copy and paste event buttons make this a snap. I can easily copy the residence event for a census to the married couple that form the basis of the family in the household and then to the events for each child still in that household. Therefore, the event displays within all sets of reports for each person affected by the event.

For the filing system, I use the FILE ID field of the images and I assign a seven digit file number to each image – whether photo or image of a source (0000001, 0000002, …. 0000100, 0000101, …. 0001000, 0001001, … and so on).

Then, I put the original source or a printout of any digital sources for which I don’t have original photos/source documents into a sleeve protector and put the sleeve protected sources/photos into three ring binders in the order of the FILE ID Numbers. I put little stickers that I got at Wal-Mart on each sleeve protector that identifies the file number. Legacy also allows me to print a list of the File ID Numbers along with the file numbers. When a notebook becomes full, I simply put a label on the notebook of the FILE ID Numbers contained in that notebook and start another notebook.

This also makes organizing my digital copies easy as well. I name all my digital files as follows: FILE ID Number – Descriptive Name.ext. Then, I add in a title field in the properties that is just the Descriptive Name. Then, I can sort the digital images by the FILE ID Number or the Descriptive Name. For this to work properly, the FILE ID Number in both Legacy and the filename must include the leading zeros.

More updates coming soon,