I recently switched to Family Tree Maker 2008

kst1969   January 16, 2008   Comments Off on I recently switched to Family Tree Maker 2008

January 2008

Hello Everyone!

I am finally back to working on my website and my genealogy. I have been unable to work very much on either lately due to family and personal concerns!

Things seem to be going a little better and I have restarted my genealogy and my website! I have also bitten the bullet and changed my genealogy software! For a long time I have conducted much of my genealogy using my ancestry.com account. I simply don’t have the time to travel to libraries and other research site very often! Also, I often do my genealogy when nothing else is open.

I have been using Legacy Family Tree and I still like many of the features of the software, but the integration with ancestry was simply too tempting! I recently switched to Family Tree Maker 2008.

True there are some concerns with the new version but the integration with ancestry makes up for a lot as far as I am concerned. I also like the new layout of the software. I like having the tree at the top of the screen. I have even been able to export the reports to html and then include them in my website.

The feature from Legacy I probably miss the most is the ability to put the photos in the genealogy reports but I can overcome that by just putting a photo gallery on the website with those photos and it will probably be even clearer there!

I am getting everything moved to the new software and getting the website updated. Actually, the new method I am using with the reports exported and then included in the website should actually mean I will be able to update the website more often.