I decided to try out The Master Genealogist v7.0!

kst1969   March 6, 2008   Comments Off on I decided to try out The Master Genealogist v7.0!

March 2008 Updates

Well, I gave Family Tree Maker 2008 a good try but I had data reliability issues and found that the import features from the website had still not improved to the point that I wanted to rely on them for adding my genealogy data!! I had to make a change! At least I got a free month of Ancestry.com with the software so I only lost about $10 on the trial – well that and about a month of my genealogy time!

After making the decision to switch, I found that I was reluctant to just go back to using Legacy Family Tree. It is good software but I found the editing seemed to be boring and involving a lot of copy/paste to get the events copied to each person that I wanted included in the event. Then, I finally decided after looking at the available software offerings, that after about 10 years of periodic research it was time I upgraded software.

I decided to try out The Master Genealogist v7.0! What a change! This software works the way that I think about genealogy! I can enter an event one time and then link all the people that participated in the event or were mentioned in the documentation of the fact and have them be listed in the event narration for the main person. Then, the software also creates a “Witness” event for all the witnesses – and I only entered one event and one source citation for the event!! What a change for the better!

I also got second site which allows me to create this website from my data by only specifying how I want the website to look. It automatically creates the webpages from my original data file – I don’t have to do anything extra to get new people added into the website!