I have over 500 individuals in my family file

kst1969   April 14, 2008   Comments Off on I have over 500 individuals in my family file

Hello Everyone,

I have been very busy this weekend! I have attached pictures and other exhibits to my genealogy so that I now have 649 exhibits in my genealogy file!! I have added the information from approximately 20 obituaries some census information and have begun entering draft registration information for my ancestors.

There are now over 90 individuals displayed on my website but I have over 500 individuals in my family file. (I exclude information from all living individuals on my website!!)

More to come soon! Hope you enjoy the new information. Please feel free to contact if you want any further information on any of the individuals on the website. I have still just scratched the surface of the information that I have already found on my ancestors. I have many, many obituaries and photos to still add to my family history file. I am happy to share any information that I have with anyone who shares the same family members.

Much more to come in the next few days!