150 People on the website and a new blog

kst1969   May 1, 2008   Comments Off on 150 People on the website and a new blog

Hello Everyone,

I finally got the website updated tonight! There are fifteen census records online now as well as many more updates! The website now features over 150 people with many more to come!

Also, if you haven’t checked out the website in the last couple of weeks, I have added a new BLOG. I am updating the blog every day or so with information on what I have added to my genealogy data as well as what I have added to the website. Please feel free to add your comments about the website!

The past couple of days I have been refining the census tags to make them more reader-friendly. The additions/revisions for the past five days have concentrated on the Treat, Thompson, and Barnes families.

Another big addition for the past few days was the information from the Madison County Genforum Board posting by Joy Russell on the Thompson family. I added a lot of information from this post regarding the Allie Fields Thompson family and his descendants. Allie Fields is the brother of my great-grandfather Vern Thompson.

Glenn also sent me a report of the descendants of John Treat that I have used to add information to my Treat line. Thanks Glenn.

I will also be adding some photos to the website in the next few days. I am going to be going through some more of the unidentified photos that I have and adding some of those to the website in the hopes that some of you might recognize the people and help me identify them. I also have some photos of early schools in Madison County that I will be posting!

More to come soon,