Welcome to the updates mailing list for 2009!

kst1969   February 8, 2009   Comments Off on Welcome to the updates mailing list for 2009!

Welcome to the updates mailing list for 2009!

I have been busy for the past several days getting some new genealogy stuff added to the website! I have been doing some research on Ancestry and I found a lot of photos in January for my Barnes Line. I also spent some time at the library this month and found a couple of articles in some old Flashbacks that pertain to my Stout Line.

One of the articles on the Stout Line was written by Dan Westphal who did research in the early 1970s including some correspondence with my grandmother, greataunt, and great-grandfather Stout. He cites the Jonathan Stout Bible as one of his sources. My grandmother had possession of this bible at that time! The article also included a photo my Jonathan and Hanna Stout that I hadn’t seen before! I will be adding this photo to the website soon! Check out the website and look at the recent modifications page to get a sense of all the recent changes!

This year I am making a dedicated effort to get some of my genealogy stuff organized! I have tried following other people’s organization systems before and I finally admitted that I am not so good with following other people’s rules so I am developing my own organizational system! I made the first choice in that system that I think will make it work best for me – I am going paperless (mostly) with my system. All of my documents and photos will be scanned and added to my genealogy system and I can access them all from my computer! I use a laptop computer and live in an apartment so have bookcases or boxes full of stuff just isn’t working for me. I can store tons of info on just a few external drives and not drive myself crazy trying to store rooms full of stuff in one closet!!

I am not going completely paperless for everything though. I am still taking some of my photos and the interesting memorabilia and making scrapbooks! These are interesting enough that people who aren’t really into genealogy will look through but don’t take up tons of space storing documents that nobody wants to look at! And, best of all, I can spend my time researching instead of copying documents for folders that I never look at again! I am also saving a ton of money by not having to buy all the office supplies for the paper copies! I want my niece and nephews to look at the physical photos and get a sense of the history of our family. I want them to know how we all connect in this world and that there were many who came before them that made their lives possible today. The scrapbooks allow them to do that without boring them with the ton of documents

The other day one of my nephews said something that really struck me about how important it is that they get a since of history. Sometimes we forget how soon something becomes history! He was floored by the fact that I was born in the 19s! To him any date that starts with a nineteen instead of a 20 is ancient history! I don’t feel ancient but I guess it is all in how you look at it!

Good luck researching in February!