Time for a change in my genealogy software!

kst1969   September 18, 2009   Comments Off on Time for a change in my genealogy software!

While I was attending the FGS Conference in Little Rock, I listened to many different speakers and talked with many other genealogists during the classes.  I didn’t meet a single person who said they used The Master Genealogist but me.   Most of the people there were using Legacy Family Tree, Rootsmagic, or Family Tree Maker.  In my genealogy society, I am also the only person who uses the Master Genealogist.

I have been considering a move for some time.  I think that I am spending more time on setting up the Master Genealogist with the custom tags and sentences and making everything work instead of entering my genealogy information.  I am now using the newest version of Legacy Family Tree.

One of the features that I did like on TMG was the Second Site companion software that created my web pages.  I have found a substitute that will work with any genealogy software:  The Next Generation (TNG).  I have installed this software on my website and I think it is going to work even better than Second Site did for me.  With TNG, I only have to login to the administration panel and then upload a gedcom file created with whatever genealogy program I want to use.  The TNG PHP scripts will automatically make the website pages on the server.  I don’t have to wait for the software to create a separate html page for each individual or family and I don’t have to upload those individual files to the website.

I tried Rootsmagic for a while too but I think that Legacy Family Tree fits my needs better.  I especially enjoy the keyboard shortcuts.  The event and source clipboards are wonderful features too.

I have begun putting everything into the Legacy software.  I will be updating the blog with information as I add new information to the software and upload the Gedcoms to the TNG website.