Birthday Trip to Madison County Genealogy Library

kst1969   January 28, 2010   Comments Off on Birthday Trip to Madison County Genealogy Library

Today, I had off work for my birthday (although my birthday was a few days ago, today is the day I took off work) so I was going to drive over to Madison County to the Genealogy Society Library. There has been a lot of talk from the local weathermen that we are going to get a lot of snow and ice later today but it isn’t supposed to start until later this afternoon. I got there but the library was closed (probably due to the coming weather). Oh Well, at least I found the library and I will just have to come back on a later date.

I am going to just have to write and ask someone from the genealogy society to look up the obits that I was going to look for today! Hopefully, I will find something that directly connects my Frederick Keck to his parents Andrew and Issa Keck, maybe through one of the brothers or sisters.

I did get some of info updated in my Legacy Family Tree software today though so it turned out to be a good genealogy day after all.