kst1969   May 23, 2010   Comments Off on Updates!!!

Well, I am back to TMG after again trying out several programs since the conference in September! I just can’t beat the features of TMG for flexibility and the ability to add one event one time but have it show up on all the attendees or witnesses!

I am in the process of cleaning up my data from the file I was using before I went to the conference and started the process of switching software again. When will I learn to just stick with what works for me instead of trying to make my methods match with everyone else’s!! Hopefully, I have finally learned my lesson!

I switched the website back to Second Site in April when I decided to switch back to TMG. I edited a few people and added a couple of photos.

Now, I am starting to really get back into my genealogy. I spent a large part of this weekend working on my genealogy. It has been the first time in a long time that I have really enjoyed just sitting and doing some genealogy. I didn’t really add anything new, I was just cleaning up what I had and re-aquainting myself with the family! I spent a lot of this weekend working on a new setup for organizing my images and getting them reattached to my software after the renaming! Now, I am in the process of going through each person in my file and cleaning up that data. Once I have that finished, I will re-post my website with the information in my file.

Then, I will start through the process of adding back in the data that I had added to the other programs I have been using since I attended the conference in September. I decided that instead of importing the data, which I think had some errors, I would just cleanup the data in my old TMG file and re-add the newest data. When I was using TMG before, I was doing a pretty good job of keeping the data clean by not doing any importing and adding in the data myself. I am going back to that method because I think it keeps me closer to the data. When I import data, I seem to loose my connection to the information and it just becomes a jumbled-up mess!! By entering the data, I really look at it and spot stuff that doesn’t make sense. It also helps me to have a sense of what I know about my family and what I think I know!!

More to come soon!