Surgery Postponed but Website Updated!!

kst1969   June 21, 2010   Comments Off on Surgery Postponed but Website Updated!!

Well, my knee surgery was supposed to be on Friday but it had to be postponed for some tests before I have the surgery.  It is rescheduled for later this month.  Hopefully, I will get to have it then!!

Since I didn’t have surgery on Friday, I made some updates to the website this weekend!  A lot of updates and some great new stuff added.  I am at 700 images attached to my genealogy software!!!  That is 700 census, draft cards, photos, letters and other documents that have had any relevant data added and then the images have been attached to appropriate events!  I am excited about this milestone for my genealogy. 

[Note:  not all images or data will appear on my website.  I don’t post any current information about living persons on my website.  Some currently living people may be included in the odd photo or two if I don’t feel that it lead to a current identification of the person.  For instance, I am included on the photo when I was a very young girl with my Great-Grandma Lawrence and Great-Uncle Corbin Barnes.  I doubt anyone including family would be able to recognize me now from that photo and it is a one-of-a-kind photo of my Great-Grandmother and Great-Uncle.  If you are a relative and would like to see what information I have on the living people in our family, email or call me and I will be happy to share!]

This weekend was the first time in a long time that I got to just sit down and add data and images instead of cleaning up data problems or switching between programs.  I am back with TMG and I am going to resist all urges to change to something new just for the excitement of changing and stick with TMG!  I got in over 50 images in one weekend. 

Some of those new items are listed below:

  • Marriage licenses for my grandparents and great-grandparents from!!  I love the new databases that are being added there with the actual images of vital records! 
  • A summons issued to Jake Martins by Jesse James (I don’t believe it is the famous outlaw but it does make for an interesting conversation piece).  The summons is dated February 29, 1882!
  • I also added a lot of Keck information from Find-a-grave.
  • Some photos of Isaac Keck’s family were added from the Jehu Palk tree on Ancestry.
  • I added about 25 photos to my unknown person unknown person that I don’t currently have identified that maybe my readers can help identify.
  • I added in some photos of my Grandma and Grandpa Thompson’s dog, tiger. 
  • I added a class photo of an unknown school in an unknown year that my Great-Aunt Mabel Stout Parsons was teaching.  Does anyone know any of the other students or where the school is?
  • I added the photo of my Grandpa Treat in his military uniform.  He was a handsome man when he was younger.
  • Another of my favorite additions was a letter from GL Jarvis to my Great-Great-Grandfather James Madison Stout asking about places that Mr. Jarvis might preach at soon.  The letter is handwritten and dated March 2, 1909!

More to come soon!!