Mystery Monday: Frederick to Andrew Keck Connection

kst1969   November 15, 2010   Comments Off on Mystery Monday: Frederick to Andrew Keck Connection

Image-000500In Surname Saturday, I gave my Keck Line but I am going to give further information today in hopes that one of my fellow genealogists might have an answer to my problem!  I am trying to finish the proof of my line from me to Conrad Frederick Keck, the Revolutionary War Patriot.

My line goes from my grandmother Gwen Stout Thompson to her mother Elsie Louise Reynolds Stout to her mother Almeda Keck Reynolds to her father James Frederick “Major” Keck to his father Frederick Keck to his father Andrew Keck to his father Conrad Frederick Keck, the Revolutionary War Patriot.  Conrad is a proven patriot and Andrew is included as his son on several previous DAR applications so that part is proven.  I can prove from myself through Frederick Keck through various records, obituaries, and censuses.  The problem is from Frederick to Andrew.

Image-000420I have an 1850 census that shows Andrew and his wife Isabelle Bolinger Keck in Tennessee with their children Frederick, John, Isaac, Andrew Jess, David Newton, Elizabeth, Jacob, Esau, Christopher, and Catherine.  The 1850 census however doesn’t list family relationships and by 1860, Frederick is married and not living with his parents.  I have Frederick Keck’s obituary from 1911 but it doesn’t list his parents or specifically state any of his siblings! This is my brick wall on my Keck Line.

I am trying to locate other siblings obituaries but so far none that I have found identify Frederick as a brother.  I haven’t located any family bible or other records that show that Frederick is a brother to one of the siblings on the DAR applications and I can’t locate a will, obituary, or any probate records for either Andrew or Isabelle.

If anyone has any leads for me to follow, please email me or comment to let me know!

The transcription of Frederick Keck’s obituary is as follows:


Frederick Keck was born near Nashville, Tenn., December 31, 1828 and departed this life near Witter, Ark. on Tuesday, January 17, 1911, aged 82 years and 16 days.

In 1884 he married Miss Mary P. Shopner and to this union there were born two children. Emigrating to Arkansas in 1855, he located in this county. Four years later his wife died and a year or more later he again married. This time his wife was Miss Millie Driver and to them were born ten children. His twelve children all lived to reach their majorities when four sons and one daughter were called away to be followed by his second wife in 1896.

Seven children, 37 grand-children and 37 great grand-children survive him. He professed his hope in Christ at an early age and became a member of the Regular Baptist Church, of which he remained a faithful member until his death. His Bible was his constant companion and he tried to live up to its teachings. He had the unique distinction of having never been in a court house while court was in session, never had a law suit or attended a trial in a justice’s court. His last illness was of about three years duration and his suffering at times was severe. Up however until two or three weeks before his death he was able to sit in his chair and read his Bible. The end came peaceful and like one going to sleep he passed away.

Interment was made in the Smith Cemetery beside the body of his first wife, funeral services having been preached by Rev. Will Harris.

It was sad for us to have to part with him but we feel that he has only gone to the home which he striving so hard to reach. And we believe that if we remain steadfastly faithful to the end, we will meet him in that beautiful home above.

A Grandchild