Mystery Monday: Margie Branscum Treat Reid

kst1969   November 22, 2010   Comments Off on Mystery Monday: Margie Branscum Treat Reid

image-000196My Great-Grandmother Margie Branscum Treat Reid is one of my most persistent brick walls.  I remember Great-Grandma Treat only vaguely as she died in 1976 when I was about 7 years old and I only saw her a few times as she lived on the other side of the state and visited only infrequently.

Margie Emaline Sarah Branscum was born on February 14, 1893; The 1920 census shows about 1897. She was the daughter of William R Branscum and Laura Williams.

This is where much of my brick wall comes.  For many years, I had absolutely no idea who her parents were then I finally found her obituary in the Marshall Mountain Wave obituary book.  It confirms the information that I knew but didn’t list her parents.  However, it did provide the name of the funeral home that provided services for her family.  I searched for the funeral home on the internet and I was able to contact them by email.  They provided the names of her parents as William R. Branscum and Laura Williams.

I have connected William R Branscum at least tentatively to a father of Isaac Branscum and mother of Martha Emaline Dunsmore.

However, I have been unable to find any information on her second husband who is known in the family as “Doc” Reid.  He would have died in the 1950s as my mother remembers him dying when she was young girl.

If you have any information on either the connection to Great-Grandma Margie’s parents or her second husband “Doc” Reid, please email me.