Wedding Wednesday: Ray Stout Marries in OR

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Wedding Announcement - Pvt Ray Miller Stout Marries in Oregon

PVT. Ray Miller Stout Marries in Oregon

Pvt. Ray Miller Stout, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Stout of Kingston, was married in Oregon recently, the following account of the happy event being taken from a newspaper clipping:

Miss Lois Webb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Webb of this city, was united in marriage Wednesday of this week at Medford, Oregon, to Private Ray Miller Stout, formerly of Portersville, but now in the medical division of the United States Army, the ring ceremony being performed by the Rev. Louis C. Kirby, Methodist minister, in the parsonage of his church.  The only witnesses of the ceremony were the mother of the bride and the wife of the minister.

Mrs. Stout formerly lived in Oklahoma before coming to Portersville with her parents and is a graduate of the schools at Retrop, Okla.

Stout is a native of Kingston, Arkansas, and received his education in the schools there.  He was formerly employed here at the A. and P. Store and at Montgomery Ward Co., before entering the army.  At present he is stationed at Camp White, near Medford.  The home of the newlyweds, for the present at least, will be at 344 Central avenue, Medford.

Ray Stout was my great-uncle.  He was a brother to my great-grandfather, Claude James Stout.

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