Blogging Interrupted Again: In the Hospital For a Week

Well, I started back to blogging after my bronchitis and setup my posts for most of last week. 

Then, my leg started hurting.  I really thought it was muscle cramps!  I called the doctor thinking he could give me some muscle relaxers to stop the pain. 

But, he had me come in to see him.  Then, sent me for a Doppler screening.  I had a blood clot in my right leg.  I was admitted to Springdale Hospital and spent most of last week there getting blood thinners. 

This week, I have been recuperating so no blogging.  However, I hope to get back to my regular blogging schedule this weekend.

One thought on “Blogging Interrupted Again: In the Hospital For a Week

  1. LTMresearch

    Sounds like you are having a worse December than mine! I was sick for over 2 weeks with sinus issues, and then I came down with a urinary tract infection! My husband also had bronchitis. My leg has been hurting, too…. Hmmmm….

    Hope your month gets better and you continue to feel better!

    Happy Holidays!


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