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kst1969   May 23, 2010   Comments Off on Updates!!!

Well, I am back to TMG after again trying out several programs since the conference in September! I just can’t beat the features of TMG for flexibility and the ability to add one event one time but have it show up on all the attendees or witnesses! I am in the process of cleaning up my data from the file… Read more »

Welcome to my newly redesigned website!

kst1969   February 15, 2010   Comments Off on Welcome to my newly redesigned website!

Welcome to my Website! I am completely redesigning my website to make use of WordPress as a content management system. I will be able to change themese and more closely integrate my genealogy data through the use of my TNG software with the rest of my website! The conversion process will probably take a few days so please bear with… Read more »

Update on my Knee and my genealogy

kst1969   February 10, 2010   Comments Off on Update on my Knee and my genealogy

Well my knee is finally getting better! I have been able to walk on it instead of limp for the past couple of days! I am beginning to get back to my genealogy and the other things I have to do! When you can barely walk it is hard to get anything done! WCAGS has another meeting on Sunday! We… Read more »

My Knee

kst1969   January 30, 2010   Comments Off on My Knee

Last Tuesday night, I tried to sit on my couch and my knee hurt!! I though maybe I just sprained it a little bit and it seemed ok after a few minutes. I went to work on Wed and it seemed ok. But Thursday when I drove over to Madison County and back it seemed to hurt a lot more!… Read more »

Snow, Snow, Snow Everywhere

kst1969   January 29, 2010   Comments Off on Snow, Snow, Snow Everywhere

Well it looks like the weathermen got it right for once!! We have about 8-10 inches of snow here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It is pretty to look at as long as we don’t have to go anywhere!! Well I have an excuse to stay home and do some genealogy!

Grandma Treat: Ruth Janie Harriet Lawrence Treat

kst1969   January 26, 2010   Comments Off on Grandma Treat: Ruth Janie Harriet Lawrence Treat

Today would have been Grandma Treat’s birthday. She would have been 91 years old today. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday that she died but other times it seems like forever. Today, it hit me that she died 20 years ago! She was a good woman who loved God and her family. What better thing can be said about anyone?

WCAGS: Washington County Genealogy Society Meeting

kst1969   January 10, 2010   Comments Off on WCAGS: Washington County Genealogy Society Meeting

Today was a good day. I had a meeting of my local genealogy society: the Washington County Arkansas Genealogical Society. We meet the second Sunday of each month at the Headquarters House in Fayetteville Arkansas at 2pm. This month we started a two-part workshop on the census! We had approximately 50 in attendance!! It was wonderful!!

A New Year/A New Decade

kst1969   January 1, 2010   Comments Off on A New Year/A New Decade

It’s a new year and a new decade! I have decided that this really will be the year that I get my genealogy stuff organized. I am starting through the Dear Myrtle Organization Lists. I found them online in an archive of the rootsweb mailing lists. I have imported all my old information into the Legacy Family Tree and I… Read more »