Kellie’s Genealogy: Weekly Update

kst1969   January 8, 2011   Comments Off on Kellie’s Genealogy: Weekly Update

I am starting a new process of blogging each Friday or Saturday on my genealogy findings and updates for the previous week.  I am going to include my thoughts on what I find and how it helps me to understand or question my previous genealogy research, the current statistics for my website (to allow me to look back at the end of the year and see how my website information has progressed throughout the year), and one or two of the new items I added to the website during the previous week.

I have been busy for the past week or so.  I am getting all my data converted to Legacy Family Tree and cleaned up.  I have several things on the website now but the amount of data on my website is only a small fraction of the information that I have.  The website only includes the cleaned-up data on my ancestors with all living people excluded.  

My Website Statistics:

Description   Quantity 
Total Individuals 41  
Total Males 23 (56.1%)  
Total Females 17 (41.46%)  
Total Unknown Gender 1 (2.44%)  
Total Living 0  
Total Families 109  
Total Unique Surnames 20  
Total Photos 1  
Total Documents 21  
Total Headstones 5  
Total Histories 0  
Total Recordings 0  
Total Videos 0  
Total Sources 0  
Average Lifespan1 65 years, 16 days  
Earliest Birth (Belle GRIGG 14 Jun 1872  
Date of Last GEDCOM Import 08 Jan 2011 14:23:03  
 Longest Lived1   Age 
Chessley “Chess” STOUT 90 years 151 days  
Eugene Scott STAMPS 87 years 121 days  
Charlie Morgan CARPENTER 86 years 171 days  
Cecil Eugene WOODS 85 years 47 days  
Gwendolyn STOUT 80 years 358 days  
John H. STOUT 74 years 161 days  
Crawford Herman “CH” THOMPSON 70 years 20 days  
Annie Frances HATHORN 68 years 199 days  
Elsie Louise REYNOLDS 66 years 237 days  
Belle GRIGG 64 years 128 days  
1  Age-related calculations are based on individuals with recorded birth and death dates. Due to the existence of incomplete date fields(e.g., a death date listed only as “1945” or “BEF 1860”), these calculations cannot be 100% accurate.

One of the more interesting items that I have recently added to the genealogy website is an article on Mr. and Mrs. Euel F Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Thompson families.    One couple was celebrating their 50th Anniversary and his parents their 78th Anniversary!

Thompson Anniversary Celebrations

50th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Euel F. Thompson of the Alabam Community celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary July 10 with a reception hosted by their children. The couple were married July 1, 1933 at Qualls, Okla. They have seven children. Honored guests at the event were their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Thompson who recently celebrated their 78th wedding anniversary.

78th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Thompson celebrated their 78th wedding anniversary on July 9. The couple, married in 1905 at Whorton Creek, have children: Leon Thompson, deceased; D.L. Euel, Milt and Alford, all of Huntsville; Jewell Thompson of Fort Gibson, Okla.; Olen Thompson of Kamas, Utah; Ireva Winner of Downey, Calif.; Lillian Cookson of Long Beach, Calif., and Vivian Ballew of Tahlequah, Okla. They have 33 grandchildren, 47 great-grandchildren and several great-great-grandchildren.

via Thompson Anniversary Celebrations: Kellie’s Genealogy: The Thompson-Treats of Arkansas.