Follow Friday: Dear Myrtle

kst1969   January 14, 2011   Comments Off on Follow Friday: Dear Myrtle

One of the best blogs on the internet is Dear Myrtle’s Blog.  I read it often now and it was one of the first genealogy blogs that I found on the internet.  I love her down-to-earth posts and genealogy guidance. 

I met her at the FGS Conference in Little Rock in September 2009 and I have to say she was as gracious and friendly in person as she is on her blog! 

Now she is reviving one of the most popular series of posts on her blog:  Her monthly organization Checklists!  She has the January Organization list online now and there will be monthly posts with new organizational checklists. 

I am going to TRY to follow them this year and get my own genealogy organized.  I am one of those people who is constantly trying to get organized without ever seeming to accomplish organization!  This year is going to be different!  I am going to follow the checklists and become an Organized Genealogist!  I will be posting periodically on my organizational progress! 

The link to the January Checklist is DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog: 2011 January Organization Checklist.

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