Wedding Wednesday: Jonothan Stout Bible Marriages

kst1969   January 26, 2011   Comments Off on Wedding Wednesday: Jonothan Stout Bible Marriages

image-000598I am lucky enough to have access to images of the Jonothan Stout Bible that I created when my grandmother had the bible and allowed me to make copies of the family history pages of the bible.  Today, I want to share the Marriages Page of the Bible.    My genealogy section includes all the bible pages and the entries are attached to each person mentioned in the bible pages.

Note:  Some of the entries appear to have been made at a later date than the bible would indicate.  In the early 1970s, a researcher mailed a letter to my Great-Grandfather Claude James Stout asking for information on the Stout line.  My Grandmother Gwendolyn Stout Thompson and my Great-Aunt Mabel Stout Parsons apparently tried to “ENHANCE” the entries to make them “CLEARER” and to add information that they “KNEW” to the original entries.

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