Pizza with My Nephews!

kst1969   January 29, 2011   1 Comment on Pizza with My Nephews!

Today’s post for 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History made me remember something that I have to share.

In the post, I mentioned that I am not a good baker!  I can cook almost any other meal but I can’t seem to bake or make desserts no matter how hard I try.

Well one night a couple of years ago my sister’s boys were coming to spend the night and I decided to serve one of the pizzas that you pick up in the deli area that are ready to bake.  I followed the directions on the pizza exactly!!  The pizza looked fine when it came out of the oven and I served it to the kids. 

My younger nephew who was about 4 at the time ate one bite and then started talking about how much he loved his mama’s homemade pizza and how wonderful it was.  Confused smile  Then, he looked straight at me and told me that I should always go to Eureka Pizza and buy mine!   Surprised smile   He looked so cute and then he asked if there was anything else he could eat for dinner!!  His older brother joined in and asked for something else too!  Laughing out loud

I took one bite of the pizza and discovered they were right – we definitely needed something else for dinner!  We had hotdogs and they were happy! So all’s well that ends well!

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