Matrilineal Monday: Margie Emaline Sarah Branscum Treat Reid

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Great-Grandma Treat only visited the family in NW Arkansas a few times that I am aware.  She died in 1976 when I was about 7 years old so I don’t have any real clear memories of her.  But I do remember that she was a small woman and that she had incredibly long hair that she always wore in a bun on top of her head.

Great-grandmother of Kellie Sue Thompson.

Margie Emaline Sarah Branscum was born on 14 February 1893; The 1920 census shows about 1897. She was the daughter of William R Branscum and Laura Williams.

Margie Emaline Sarah Branscum married William Mason Treat, son of John Stephen Treat and Josephine Huffines, on 18 September 1910 at Searcy County, Arkansas.

After William Mason died, she married a man named “Doc” Reid.

Margie Emaline Sarah Branscum was living in April 1976 at Moro, Lee County, Arkansas. She died on 27 April 1976 at Stuttgart, Arkansas, at age 83.

Margie Emaline Sarah Branscum was buried 29 April 1976 Treat Cemetery, Big Flat, Arkansas, aged 83.

Margie Emaline Sarah Branscum’s obituary was published on 6 May 1976 at Marshall Mountain Wave at Marshall, at Carroll County, at Arkansas . Asburn Treat and Sherman Treat were listed as survivors in the obituary.

Image-000196A Transcription of the obituary is as follows:
Margie E. Reid Former Resident, Died April 27
Margie E. Reid, age 83, of Moro, formerly of Marshall, died at Stuttgart April 27. She was born February 14, 1893.
Survivors include two sons, Asburn Treat of Moro and Sherm Treat of Springdale and 24 grandchildren.
Services were conducted April 29 at Round Mountain Church. Burial was in Treat Cemetery under direction of Coffman Funeral Home, Inc., Marshall.

The obituary above led me to contact the Coffman Funeral Home and they provided me with the information that her parent were William R Branscum and Laura Williams.  However they had no information on her second husband “Doc” Reid.  If anyone knows anything about him or any further information on her parents please contact me.  She is one of my most wanted ancestors.  I just can’t seem to find documented proof on her parents lives!

Also, I only have a couple of photos of her and would love to have more, if any of the family has any photos or stories about her please share!  If you don’t want them publicly shared I will keep them private from the blog and website.

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