Sunday’s Obituary: J B Stout Obituary

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 Fifteen Years Ago - JB Stout Obituary

From the Files

Fifteen Years Ago

July 3, 1952

Jonathan Benjamin Stout, 77, died June 28 at the home of his daughter, Miss Mabel Stout, in Springdale.  Funeral services were held Monday at the Kingston Cemetery.

Note:  I have transcribed only the parts of the article that discuss my ancestor.

Jonathan Benjamin Stout

James Madison Stout b. 15 Feb 1852, d. 6 Dec 1917

Tennessee Dmanda Carter b. 23 May 1855, d. 23 Aug 1934

Gwen Stout Thompson

2nd great-grandfather of Kellie Sue Thompson.

Jonothan Benjamin Stout was born on 19 October 1874 at Arkansas; He was born on a Tuesday morning. He was the son of James Madison Stout and Tennessee Dmanda Carter.   He married Sarah Lydia Gabbard, daughter of Silas Miller Gabbard and Rebecca Flannery, on 25 April 1895 at Washington, Arkansas

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