Matrilineal Monday: Mary Jane Berry

image-000526Mary Jane Berry

James Wyatt Berry b. 1832, d. 1872

Nancy M Newman b. 1844

Ruth Lawrence Treat

2nd great-grandmother of Kellie Sue Thompson

Mary Jane Berry was born in December 1869 at Tennessee. She was the daughter of James Wyatt Berry and Nancy M Newman.
Mary Jane Berry married Samuel Aarter Barnes, son of George Washington Barnes and Mary Jane Copeland, on 7 October 1888 at Searcy, Arkansas.

Mary Jane Berry and Samuel Aarter Barnes appeared on the 1900 Federal Census of Stone County, Arkansas, at Farris Township, enumerated 1 June 1900. The census shows that Mary Jane is the mother of 7 children with 6 children still living. Samuel is a farmer and William is a farm laborer. Samuel and Mary Jane can read, write, and speak English.

Their children in 1900 are as follows:

William Barns 10
Mary N Barns 9
George N Barns 8
Vada Barns 6
John C Barns 2
Minnie Barns 3/12

Mary Jane Berry and Samuel Aarter Barnes appeared on the 1910 Federal Census of Stone County, Arkansas, at Farris Township, enumerated 21 April 1910. Mary Jane is the mother of 11 children with 10 still living.

Their children living with them in 1910 are as follows:

George Banes 18
Vada Banes 15
John Banes 12
Minnie Banes 10
Corbin Banes 8
Orvelle Banes 6
Walter Banes 4
Dollie Banes 1

Apparently, William and Mary N have moved out of the family home.  Presumably, Mary has married by this time or she would probably still be living with her parents but I don’t have any documentation of her marriage yet.

Mary Jane Barnes and Samuel Aarter Barnes appeared on the 1920 Federal Census of Stone, Arkansas, at Locust Grove Township, enumerated 13 January 1920, Sam and Jane own their farm free. They are both listed as being able to read and write. Sam is a farmer on a General Farm.

The children living with them in 1920 are as follows:

Corbin Barnes 17
Orvil Barnes 15
Walter Barnes 13
Arthur Barnes 8

The information that I currently have doesn’t explain where Dollie Barnes has went between the 1910 and 1920 census dates.

Also, I have conflicting information regarding her death date but she apparently died between 1921 and 1928 from the various sources.

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