NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are: Rosie O’Donnell Episode Tonight

kst1969   February 18, 2011   Comments Off on NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are: Rosie O’Donnell Episode Tonight

I loved the WDYTYA episode tonight with Rosie O’Donnell.  I can certainly identify with her desire to identify the woman in the photo:  I have been doing that with boxes of photos from both of my grandmothers for many years now!  I have had some success and I loved that Rosie found out who was in the photo and so much about her grandfather’s first wife and family. 

The story about the explosion that killed the first wife was heartbreaking but the newspaper accounts of the fire and her death led Rosie to find living members of the family and she was able to make a connection to a whole other part of her grandfathers’ life through his living descendants. 

I was amazed at the records she was able to find in Ireland and it was nice to see her looking at the records and seeming to participate in the research process so much more.  It seems that WDYTYA has emphasized the research process much more this year than they did with last year’s episodes.  Also, they seem to be focusing more on the goals of the research by stating clear goals of what the celebrity wants to find out next about their ancestors and then showing them going somewhere and accessing records to answer those questions.  Then, they start from there with a new question to be answered. 

Everyone knows that the professional researchers featured in the show are doing the vast majority of the research but it was nice to see Rosie actually looking at the records and then making notes of the answers.  They didn’t show it on tonight’s episode but surely they are giving the celebrities copies of the records and photos and such so that they can have them to show to their families.  Of course, they are also getting some really high-quality movies of their research trips!! 

I wait all week for this show and I am really enjoying this season!  I can’t wait for next week!!

After each episode, I am tuning in to the Geneabloggers on BlogTalkRadio for the discussion of each episode!  DEARMyrtle was the guest host tonight and she did an excellent job!!  These discussions are wonderful and I get so much more out of the episodes by listening to what everyone else has to say about the show!