Amanuensis Monday: Jonathan Stout Bible

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The Jonathan Stout Bible was in the possession of my Grandmother Gwendolyn Stout Thompson when I made the copies of the genealogy pages from the front of the bible. 

This book was bought at Boones Grove Washington County Arkansas price one dollar and fifty cents and when this you see remember me.  Jonathan Stout

Synthy Hanna was born Oct 30 1801

Jessee P Hanna was born November 19, 1805

Ebenezer Hanna was born September 16 1808

Margaret Hanna was born November 21 1810

JB Hanna was born Feb 24 1817

James Hanna was born December 20 …December 6 1799

Susan Emaline Stout was born Jan 24th 1910

Fredie Osten Stout …

Jonathan Stout was born January 28 1805


Jonothan Benjamin Stout and Sarah Liddie Gabbard was married on the 25th April 1895

Willie Howard Stout and Sarah Jane Hughes married Aug 20, 1907

Tennessee D Stout was born on the 23 May 1855 at Fairest Home Cass County Texas

Chester Stout was born March …

[Note:  the pages of the Bible were obviously altered at some point.  Some of them have had things added while others were “Corrected” by family members.  In the 1970s or 80s, Daniel Westphal corresponded with my Great-Grandfather Claude Stout and he, my grandmother Gwen Stout Thompson, and his sister, my great-aunt, Mabel Stout Parsons, went through the genealogy pages of the bible and “Corrected” and added information they thought would help him!  I have tried to separate out the corrections and additions from the original information when I add it to my genealogy but I am also presenting the scanned images so that other researchers may make their own interpretations of what was original and what was corrected!] 

I will be posting more of the bible pages in future Monday posts.

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