Research and Organization Updates

kst1969   April 5, 2011   Comments Off on Research and Organization Updates

I am hard at work on my genealogy research and organization efforts this week. 

Last month, I took a few days vacation and spent most of it at the Madison County Genealogical Society Library.  Since I am related to most of the families in Madison County, I could really use copies of everything in the library moved to my living room for me to be able to add to my genealogy database!  However, since that wasn’t an option, I did make copies of many of their obituary and newspaper clippings, some microfilm obituary copies and copies of much of the information in the surname files for my major surnames!  I have about 600 images to get sorted and added to my genealogy information!  These images are of full pages of the books though so many of them have multiple clippings on each page!!  I am going to be busy for a while! Smile

The people who were at the library were extremely helpful and friendly so if you have Madison County, Arkansas families be sure to spend some time at the library in Huntsville.  I would love to spend more time there but they are unfortunately only open on weekdays so I will have to wait for my next vacation days to head back over there! 

This week I am concentrating on getting my images (photos and document images) renamed (to a more meaningful name that my current image – ### naming system that I had been using) and checking to make sure that all the images are linked to the correct people.  I had a few errors after my massive image cleanup that I did a few weeks ago.  I am at about the half-way point on the images – I have about 450 renamed and the links checked and about 450 to go! If I am lucky, I hope to be able to finish up this project by the weekend!  Fingers crossed

Then, I can start adding in more info to the database from my research trip to the Madison County Library.  I did find lots of interesting stuff including the photos from my 2nd Great and 3rd Great Grandparents on the Keck Line.  There are also a few more particularly interesting bits but I am going to save those to announce when I get them added and uploaded to the site!Angel

If I finish the photo-renaming and organization project by then, I am going to upload updated info to the website this weekend. Clock

More to come!! Open-mouthed smile