Research Updates

kst1969   April 16, 2011   Comments Off on Research Updates

Well, I didn’t finish my photo renaming project last weekend but I did get it finished today!Open-mouthed smile

I loved the WDYTYA episode with Ashley Judd!  It was a great episode and I especially loved the part where she found out she is descended from the Brewsters who came to America on the Mayflower!Green with envy

Unfortunately, I have missed the last couple of geneabloggers radio but I am going to get back to it next Friday night!  It is always a great time when I listen in.  The first Friday I got caught up in the politics of whether the federal government was going to shutdown or if our overpaid politicians might be able to act like adults with important jobs and begin to do their jobs!  Then last night I was working on my photo-renaming project and when I looked up it was after midnight and I had missed it!  Crying face

I have been hurting a lot today so I took some pain pills but the pain kept me from going to the local Historical Society’s Civil War Anniversary program.  I wanted to see the programs but I was simply hurting too much this morning to go and it was cold!  The cold makes the pain in my muscles and joints even worse.   The good news is that I am feeling a little better this afternoon since I took the pain pills so I am sitting with my legs up and updating the website!Crying face

The meeting of WCAGS last Sunday afternoon was wonderful!  LaNita McKinney gave a wonderful program on her newest genealogy tool a CD that contains an electronic version of six books compiling the genealogy information from Quaker Monthly Meetings!  It was wonderful to see the detailed information about each family she looked up.  A couple of other members got confirmation of family information and even a couple of new bits of information for them when LaNita did the lookups at the end of the program!Open-mouthed smile

Be sure to check out the What’s New section on the website to view the people with new information on the website.  Those who are related to my Keck Line will be particularly interest in the new photo of the Keck Home!   This home that held a family of twelve isn’t as big as my living room and sometimes I think we need more space for the three of us!!