Research Updates

kst1969   May 8, 2011   Comments Off on Research Updates

Well the past week or so has been a busy time for my genealogy research!  I have added several items from the boxes of photos and clippings as well as several items from my research trip to the Madison County Genealogical Society Library!  I am updating the website with the new additions this afternoon.

The first set of additions are several obituaries from my Thompson-Stansell Lines.  First, I added the obituary for my Great-Grandmother Venna Stansell Thompson.  Then, there were several of her children’s obituaries and then a few other Thompson obituaries.  The list of Thompson related obituaries includes:  Allie Fields Thompson, Charles Thompson, Claud William Thompson, Darther Lee (D.L.) Thompson, Martha Ann Faddis Thompson, Rual Francis Thompson, and Archie Lee Thompson. 

Additionally, I added a few other obituaries, an article on Oscar and Bessie Stamps Stout’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Reception, and a wedding announcement for the wedding of Ray Miller Stout to Lois Webb.

I am also working on the Reynolds Family History as recorded in some handwritten documents in the Reynolds Family File at the Madison County Genealogical Society Library!

More good stuff to come on the website!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone,