Inauguration Day

Today is Inauguration Day in the United States!  Whatever your political views, today is the day that we start a new term of office for our President.  We believe in the Constitution of the United States and democratically elected leaders.

The presidency is not just the person who currently occupies the office but the endurance of the democratic process.  Just during my lifetime we have peacefully changed our leaders because the majority of the country selected a different person to lead our country.  The President is the president of all the people in the United States not just those who elected him.

As Americans it is not only in our best interests to hope that the President and the other elected leaders do well in their jobs and do what is best for our country but it is our duty as citizens to do everything we can to aid in the success of their efforts.  Then, those who didn’t like this president will have a chance to elect one they do like!  That is the beauty of the American system of Democracy.

May God Bless America and all its leaders!



  1. Jimsays:

    Looking for Lee Barnes born in 1897.
    Thanks, Jim

  2. Jimsays:

    Thanks, it’s Lee Curtis Barnes and I think birthdate is 1897 or 1892. Married Charlotte Holley on Sept. 8, 1918 – Cabell County, West Virginia.