Leaves of My Family Tree Blogiversary

Last updated : January 29, 2014

Today is my third blogiversary!!

I began my genealogy research over twenty years ago now. There have been periods of days, weeks, or even months when I haven’t done any genealogy research but I always seem to keep coming back to genealogy to find just a little more information on those who have gone before me.

I have had a website to show my genealogy for the vast majority of the time I have been doing genealogy. At first, I used direct coding to get my website online. Later, I tried various online websites and software programs to create my website. I used those methods to both display my actual genealogy information and to share my discoveries and to discuss how I found them.

Then in 2010, I discovered WordPress! I enjoy using WordPress to create my website. It makes it much easier to share my genealogy discoveries and my joy at the discoveries.

I hope that my blog readers have enjoyed reading my blog for the past three years as much as I have enjoyed writing them! More to visit come in the next year!!



  1. Happy Blogiversary! I didn’t bake a pie for National Pie Day so I couldn’t share. Maybe next year! Seriously it sounds like you have been on the computer for a long time. I recently started my blogs. I use Blogger, maybe I should have looked at WordPress.


    • kst1969says:

      I used to use blogger. I think it is good too. I use WordPress because I can put it on my own server with my own domain name. If you are just starting with computers, either the hosted blog at WordPress.com or Blogger is a very good option. They give you the ability to share your genealogy and your thoughts without having to worry about how to make it all work!