I am writing a family history book!

I am starting to write a family history book.   I want all of the extended family to be able to enjoy the family information and stories I am sharing in the book so I am writing it and saving it as “PDF” files which can be read on smartphones,  tablets,  and computers.   Also,  when I finally finish it,  I will send out one complete file with all the sections in order and with any revisions included for those who might want to print the whole book.

When the book is finished there will actually be two books.   The first will be for the extended family who I actually know,  aunts,  uncles,  and cousins.   The first book will include information on the living members of our families.   The second book will begin with the generation of my grandparents who are unfortunately no longer living.  The book will include only the names of any of their siblings who are still living but will have the information on their parents and the generations before.

I don’t intend this book to just be a dry listing of names and dates.   I am including reports from my genealogy software but there are going to be many scrapbook pages of photos and stories about our ancestors.   It is my hope that those who were not lucky enough to know my grandparents and those before will learn to think of them as people who had hopes and dreams and family life just as we do now!

I am starting to prepare the book now.   If you are one of my cousins,  aunts,  uncles etc and you want to see the scrapbooks and family stories please email me and I will include you on my email list to send the first set of family photos and stories!

My email address is genealogy@ksthompson.com.