The Book of Me, Written by You: Prompt 42 – Handwriting

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I actually have pretty nice handwriting most of the time. I enjoy the experience of writing by hand in this digital world but don’t get me wrong I love my gadgets. I have actually combined both with the Surface and Onenote. I use onenote to keep all my work and personal notes and most of them are handwritten with the surface pen.

It is taken for granted today that everyone over the age of the first couple of grades of school can read and write. Most of my ancestors back through the mid-1800s were literate although most of them only had a few grades of school before they had to quit to take care of their families. It was quite common in Arkansas and other areas of the south for boys and girls to quit school to help with the family farm by about the age of 13 and many even younger.

Several of my ancestors were school teachers and preachers so most of the ancestor can read and write.




This week’s prompt is – Handwriting

Add to your Book of Me an example of your handwriting.
Share some examples of your ancestors – parents, Grandparents, etc
Has your handwriting changed over time?
Perhaps include some samples of younger generations?
In this digital age our descendants will marvel at our handwriting for very different reasons when compared to us marvelling at our ancestors handwriting. We take for granted that we can probably write. That in the past was not a given right.



The Book of Me, Written by You

By Julie Goucher 2012 – Anglers Rest Blog –


The Book of Me is a themed event enabling you to build a “Book of Me” over at least the coming year to share with your descendants, in reality this project can be as long
or as short as you want it to be.

So much of our time is researching our ancestors, but how much of the incidentals of our lives do we share, or know about our parents, grandparents, siblings and the
people that matter to us?

It is these incidental snippets that enable us to “flesh out” our ancestors and what more of a legacy could we present to our descendants or future researchers?

Over the coming weeks there will be a weekly prompt enabling you to share those details and perhaps include details of things that you know of your parents, Grandparents, siblings etc

This is not just about genealogy or family history. It is about a personal journey; a journey of rediscovery of yourself and perhaps your loved ones through your eyes.