Week 36: Road Trips

Originally Published:  October 24, 2011

Road Trips were a big part of my childhood memories.

We would often pile in the car and go “driving around” on a Saturday or Sunday when I was a kid.  There were three kids in the back and Mom and Dad in the front.  There was usually a stop or two along the way for some drinks and snacks.  Sometimes the drive would be for an hour or so and sometimes we would drive for most of the day.  Usually these drives didn’t even have a specific destination.  We would just drive out of town and get on a country road and find out where it lead!  Sometimes we would drive to area lakes and look at the water for a while.  Sometimes we would drive to places my parents had been when they were children.  There would be fights for the he’s touching me or whatever, there would be singing along with the radio, and there would be long in-depth discussions about what was going on in our lives.   These were times when there was nothing else to do but talk to each other!  There weren’t any electronics to take in the car then!  We just had each other!  I think kids today are missing something by not spending that kind of time with their families (but then again who could afford to go driving around today with gas being over $3 a gallon!).

Another road trip that occurred fairly regularly for us was the drive from Green Forest to Springdale/Rogers.  When I was in fourth grade, we moved to Green Forest.   We would make regular trips from Green Forest back to NWA to visit my grandparents.  Both my mom and dad’s parents living in NWA.  The trip would take about an hour to an hour and 1/2 and was pretty much like our “driving around” trips except that we could usually get our parents to stop at “Jim’s Drive-in” on the edge of town for lunch before we left town!  Love their burrito Supremes and hamburgers!  They had wonderful food!

Week #36 – Road Trips

Week 36: Road Trips. Describe a family road trip from your childhood. Where did you go and why? Who was in the car? How did you pass the time?

This challenge runs from Saturday, September 3, 2011 through Friday, September 9, 2011.

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