The Surprise Birthday Dinner

This is a newspaper article submitted by my Great Aunt Mabel (Stout) Parsons after a surprise birthday dinner for her and my Great Grandfather Claude Stout. The bottom handwritten section was written by Aunt Mabel. The funny thing was that we hadn’t even seen the newspaper article and didn’t care that she had left us out of the article.

Surprise Birthday Dinner

On Sunday, Jan. 29, the relatives of Mabel Parsons and Claude Stout gave them a surprise birthday dinner at Claude’s home, 1024 Brogdon. Mabel lives at 1022 Brogdon.

Claude was born Jan. 31, 1904 and Mabel was born Jan. 29, 1912. Claude retired from George’s Feed and Supply Dec. 1982. Mabel retired from Springdale schools May 1976.

Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Thompson and three of their sons. They are Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dean Stout, Shane Sheila and Pamela, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Thompson, Loretta, Curtis and Billy Joe, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Roy Thompson and Jason and Michelle, Mrs. Nina Thompson and daughter Michelle.

Also Mr. and Mrs. Venard Stout, his daughter, Patricia and two stepsons, Carlos Joe Sturdy and Rick Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kennan and Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Howard. The two women are daughters of Oscar Stout, now deceased.

One of Claude’s and Mabel’s brothers, Clifford Stout and wife, Elma, could not attend due to ill health. He has been ill for sometime.

Mrs. Viola Reynolds, 91, was the oldest person there and the youngest was the infant daughter of Ray Reynold’s son and his wife.

Also attending were the two daughters of Millie Stout Doss, now deceased, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Murray and JoAnn, June Doss and Thomas Owen.

The oldest son in the J. B. Stout family, Clyde, passed away in 1971. The youngest son, Ray, is hospitalized in Calif.

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Stout and their son, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Stout and their children, Lora, Randall and Jason also attended.

Submitted by

Mabel Parsons

Love Mabel

Due to an oversight on my part, I omitted a paragraph before I sent this to the Co. Record. It is as follows: One son of Crawford and Gwendolyn Thompson, James (Buster) Thompson, his wife Carolyn and their children Kelly, Tammy, and Michael all attended the birthday dinner I am very sorry about my mistake.