5 Weeks Using the Best Self-Journal

Well I have been using the Self Journal from Best Self Co as a digital planner on my IPad for the past 5 weeks.  I have completed over 1/3 of my journal and I am still finding it useful to plan my days!

I downloaded the journal as a PDF file from the website and I modified it to remove the page numbers and I converted it to separate the two page spreads into separate pages. Using the zoom features of my IPad I am able to write large and then when I zoom back to the regular view, my handwriting is neat and legible!

I thought that I probably wouldn’t use the gratitude section very much but I find it helps set the tone for the day when I start off the day thinking of what I am grateful to have in my life.  It makes the day seem brighter and better! Even when I wake up feeling bad, thinking of the three things I am thankful for that morning makes everything just a little bit better which leads a more productive and better-feeling day!  It is allowing me to find the bright spots of my life and concentrate on them instead of always thinking about everything that has or could go wrong!

I have also noticed that it is helping me to be more productive!  I am concentrating on the things that matter to me and not just tasks to keep me busy.

I have had to readjust my goals for this journal.  I started with goals that would be impossible to complete within the thirteen weeks.  I tend to over-schedule and then I am surprised when I am unable to complete everything in just a few weeks!  I am taking sometime this week to rethink my goals and to be more realistic in what I can actually get done within the time frame!  I am rewriting my goals to reflect what I actually want to get done and what is actually important to me instead of just what I think should be important to me.  The Self-Journal is helping me to really think about my goals and what I want in life!

I have also started time-blocking and using a timer to use the Pomodoro method to keep me from procrastinating and to help me maintain my focus.  These things are helping me to get actual focused working time even in an environment of interruptions and distractions!  I am able to keep focused when I know I have a break coming up soon to take care of whatever is distracting me at the moment.

My journey to an organized person is continuing!  More updates to come soon.