Week 3: Cars

I am re-posting some of my old blog posts to keep the history of my blog alive.  This post is from the 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History blogging prompts series.

This post appeared originally on my blog on Jan 16, 2011.

Week 3: Cars. What was your first car? Describe the make, model and color, but also any memories you have of the vehicle. You can also expand on this topic and describe the car(s) your parents drove and any childhood memories attached to it.

My first car was just an old used car that we bought for me to drive.  It never had any real significance to me.  The cars that I really remember came later.  I had an old green Datsun that I drove for a couple of years that I really liked until it started just dying and shutting off all the electrical stuff for no apparent reason!  When it stranded me on the interstate one night, it got traded soon after!

The next car that was of any importance to me was a blue Toyota Corolla.  Mom and I went to a used car lot and bought it.  It was a good car for several years and I drove it everywhere.  Dad didn’t appreciate it as much when he found out that the oil dipstick was in the back of the engine next to the windshield and down under most of the motor!  He burnt his arm the first time he checked the oil for me!

I don’t really remember many of our family cars as a child but I do remember the cars of my grandparents!  My Grandpa and Grandma Treat drove an old station wagon for many years.  It was brown and it has the wooden panels on the doors.  Everyone of these that I see makes me think of them!

My Grandpa Thompson drove an old 1960s pickup for many years!  Later, in the late 1980s he got a yellow pickup truck that he drove until he died in 1997.

My Great-Grandpa Stout drove a green pickup with a camper on top for all of the time I can remember.  My Great-Aunt Mabel Stout Parsons drove this little while compact car for all of the time that I can remember.

One of the funniest childhood stories of my dad is that when he was about 5 years old he decided that the car that they had at the time should be black.  So he was going to help out the family and paint the car!  He took a can of spray paint and painted the car!  Maybe it was the one he is in front of in the photo!

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