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I have been interested in Family History for many years and I have dabbled with every genealogy program available or available at the time and I have never been completely satisfied with the results of the output for my family history so I am starting a new project that I hope will renew the enjoyment that I previously had with my genealogy research.  I am officially starting my family history book!  This time I am going to do the book   MY WAY.    I am no longer going to be bound by how someone else says that I should or must do my family history research or how I should handle all the data that I will accumulate from that research! 

My Book/Website

My book is being written in Microsoft Word and copied into my website management software.   I am no longer going to worry about maintaining a database or genealogy specific program for my research.  I seem to spend much of my time trying to get my stuff to “Fit” into the program that someone else has decided is the appropriate way to keep my information!  I am going to simply write about my findings in my book/website.


I am going to organize my family histor into family sections  that are going to serve the same purpose as the surname folders of many genealogy research filing systems (I will some of these surname folders as well to store my original documents and photos  but I am going to concentrate on putting the information in my book).  For example for my grandparents I am going to have a section for Thompson-Stout and then a section for Treat-Lawrence.  I will have section for my family and then other sections for my sister’s family and my brother’s family.  I will include information about my collateral lines and I may break some of them out into separate sections as well as I find the research findings on some of the collateral lines very interesting. 

What the Sections will contain – Their format and Layout

Each section of the Book for a family will contain all the information on that family group for instance the father, mother, and each child.  Collateral line information will be included by including the information about the families of each of the direct ancestor’s siblings.  For instance, in my Grandparents sections I will discuss the lives of my parents’ siblings along with their spouses and children. 

The layout of each section of the book will be a chronological account of the lives of the family that is the subject of the section.  I tend to think and research and relate to the family of the ancestor so by making the section about about the families  it will make the writing of my family history much easier for me.


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