Photo That Started My Genealogy Journey

This is the photo that started my genealogy journey. The photo shows my dad standing in the foreground of the photo holding a chicken (he was about 2-3 years old in the photo). What interested me most about that photo was the inscription on the back (Buster holding Chicken). The chicken is identified but the people in the back of the photo are not identified. Those people happen to be my great-grandmother Venna (Stansell) Thompson and Vern Thompson (at least I think it is him but I can’t be sure because the photo doesn’t identify him).

My Genealogy Do-Over

Well, it has been a while since I have really done any genealogy or updated my website. I have decided to have a genealogy do-over and this time to really try to start again with a complete do-over of both this site and my genealogy database. I am starting again from scratch!

Hopefully, I will rekindle my enjoyment of doing genealogy and managing this website.

More updates to come!