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This is my earliest known photo!  Aren’t I a cute little baby?! I was born at Washington General Hospital Hospital in January 1969.  I am told that it was a cold snowy morning and that they had trouble getting to the hospital because of the snow. I was 7 pounds and 2 ounces and 20 …
I am a voracious reader I am an aunt I am a sister I am a genealogist I am a cost accountant I am a friend I am an animal lover I am an optimist I am a pessimist I am a criminology enthusiast I am a crocheter I am a knitter I am a …
There was a terrible tragedy at Boston Marathon!  Bombs were exploded near the finish line at about  the four mark of the marathon.  My prayers are with the victims, their families, the survivors and their families, the police, firefighters, and other first responders!
Today is my third blogiversary!! I began my genealogy research over twenty years ago now. There have been periods of days, weeks, or even months when I haven’t done any genealogy research but I always seem to keep coming back to genealogy to find just a little more information on those who have gone before …
Today is National Pie Day!  If anyone who knows me wants to celebrate this day by making a pie, I love Chocolate Pie!  You could share you know….