Week 23: Books

Originally Published:  June 4, 2011

I am an avid reader!  I have read since I was a very young child.  When I was very young, I read the Laura Ingles Wilder series about Little House on the Prairie.

I have also always loved mystery books!   I read most of the Agatha Christie novels!  I like the Sherlock Holmes series of books.  When I was younger, I read the Nancy Drew series too.

I also like biographies and true stories.  I have read most of the books written about Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln and the events surrounding their assassinations.  I read the books about the latest true crimes that make the news.

When I was a teenager, I started reading romance novels and I was hooked.  I still read them.   I usually read at least two or three a week.  My current favorite authors include Lynnsay Sands, Nora Roberts, Diana Palmer, Julia Quinn and others!  I usually read a novel in about an hour and a half.  I especially like the books that are part of a series – I like the story to continue from one book to another so the characters become more real!

Week #23 – Books

Week 23. Books. What was your favorite book, or who was your favorite author from your childhood? What do you like to read now? Books or other formats?