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Research Updates

kst1969   April 16, 2011   Comments Off on Research Updates

Well, I didn’t finish my photo renaming project last weekend but I did get it finished today! I loved the WDYTYA episode with Ashley Judd!  It was a great episode and I especially loved the part where she found out she is descended from the Brewsters who came to America on the Mayflower! Unfortunately, I have missed the last couple… Read more »

Genealogy Discoveries at the Madison County Genealogical Society Library

kst1969   March 25, 2011   Comments Off on Genealogy Discoveries at the Madison County Genealogical Society Library

I am on vacation this week!  I have spent the past three days visiting the Madison County Genealogical Society Library and have found MUCH information on my ancestors!  I will be adding these discoveries to my genealogy database over the next few weeks (Maybe Months!) and will post updates as I get stuff added but I wanted to post a… Read more »

Surgery Postponed but Website Updated!!

kst1969   June 21, 2010   Comments Off on Surgery Postponed but Website Updated!!

Since I didn’t have surgery on Friday, I made some updates to the website this weekend! A lot of updates and some great new stuff added. I am at 700 images attached to my genealogy software!!! That is 700 census, draft cards, photos, letters and other documents that have had any relevant data added and then the images have been attached to appropriate events! I am excited about this milestone for my genealogy.

My Knee

kst1969   January 30, 2010   Comments Off on My Knee

Last Tuesday night, I tried to sit on my couch and my knee hurt!! I though maybe I just sprained it a little bit and it seemed ok after a few minutes. I went to work on Wed and it seemed ok. But Thursday when I drove over to Madison County and back it seemed to hurt a lot more!… Read more »

Captain Smith Cemetery

kst1969   August 23, 2009   Comments Off on Captain Smith Cemetery

Today I went to the Captain Smith Cemetery and found a couple of headstones for my family. As many of you know, I am currently researching my Keck Line and getting together the information for submission to DAR! I found the tombstone for Frederick Keck and his first wife Mary Polly Shofner. Kellie

Updating my Keck History

kst1969   April 27, 2009   Comments Off on Updating my Keck History

Today and for the past few days, I have been working almost exclusively on my Keck history.  I am working my way back to my patriot ancestor on the Keck line to allow me to join the DAR.  I have been to a meeting and I found it to be a wonderful experience.  The first meeting that I had the… Read more »

Keck Info from Hilary Rauch

kst1969   June 3, 2007   Comments Off on Keck Info from Hilary Rauch

June 3, 2007 Hello Everyone, I haven’t been online a lot in the last few days but I did get a chance to add some Keck information sent to me by Hilary Rauch. He had information on 3 generations more than I had previously. I have some more information on Conrad Keck that he sent to me that I will… Read more »