Claude and Elsie (Reynolds) Stout Family in the 1930 Census

In the 1930 Census, the Claude Stout Family is living in the Kings River Township  in Madison County, Arkansas.  Claude is 26 and Elsie is 23 and they have been married for about 5 years.  They have two children Gwendolyn and Ilean (“Bud”) who are 4 and 2.  Also living with the family is Robert F Griggs who is listed as a boarder.  However, he is actually Elsie’s Great-Uncle, her grandmother Sarah Mariah (Griggs) Reynolds’ brother.

Living in the next house, is Claude’s brother Clifford and his wife of 1 year, Elma (Thomas) Stout.

Claude and Elsie own their family farm but Clifford rents his farm for $3 per year.