Easter when we were kids!

Easter when we were kids!

This photo was taken on Easter Sunday. Mom made the pink dresses for me and Tammy. They were our special Easter dresses. We were so proud of them and thought we looked so good in them!

We always went to Grandma and Grandpa Thompson’s for Easter to hunt eggs with our cousins. We would hunt eggs at home too.

Grandpa Thompson would cook and color a LOT of eggs for us and then he would hide them in the back yard for his grandchildren to run out and hunt! Those were some good days!

I am carrying on that tradition with my niece and nephews. I want them to have a sense of the connection that I have to generations past. Every year we have an Easter egg hunt at our home for the kids. We also have the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners from my childhood. I want them to know that family and tradition are important!


Kellie Tammy and Tiger at Easter

Kellie and Tammy at Easter

We are wearing the Easter Dresses that Mom made for us!