Week 30: Employment

Originally Published:  October 24, 2011

My first job was babysitting!  I was in high school and I would get $10 or $15  for watching some neighbor kids for the evening.

The next jobs I remember having were fast-food jobs when I was in college.  I worked for Arby’s for one summer and part of the next year.  I was working at the Springdale Arby’s during the time that the store burned!  I wasn’t at work for the couple of days before that because my mother was in the hospital but I remember the stress I felt when I found out it had burned!  I then worked at the Fayetteville store for a few months after that.  I didn’t like working at the Fayetteville store and quit within a couple of months.

I also worked another summer and part of the school year at Harp’s Grocery store.  I made the donuts during the summer at the Springdale and then I worked in the bakery as a clerk for a few more months at the Harp’s store on Garland street in Fayetteville.

The first “real job” that I had was as a graduate assistant at the University of Arkansas.  I was a research assistant for a couple of years and for two semesters I was a graduate teaching assistant who taught the labs that accompanied the class the professor taught.

Week #30 – Employment

Week 30: Employment. Describe your first job. What did you do? Were you saving for something in particular, or just trying to make a living? Did that first job provide skills and make an impact on your life today?

This challenge runs from Saturday, July 23, 2011 through Friday, July 29, 2011.

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