Reynolds Family

I have the benefit of knowing more about the Reynolds family line than I do about some of my other family lines. I visited the Madison County Genealogical Society Library and they have some handwritten documents on the Reynolds line. These documents fill in much of the history of the family. Many of these documents are displayed in the person pages to whom they apply.

My Reynolds line begins with Manual Reynolds, my 4th Great-Grandfather, whose son was Robert Clyde "Babe" Reynolds. His son was Thomas Franklin David Reynolds. He was the father of 17 children!

His daughter was Elsie Louise Reynolds my Great-Grandmother. She died when I was about 5 years old. I don't have very clear memories of her but I do remember seeing her standing up by the couch in her living room as my family came into their house to see her.

I feel like I know more about her because she was often discussed by my Great-Grandfather, Claude James Stout, her husband. He always spoke of her in such loving terms and she seemed like a real presence in my life because of his obvious love for her.