Stansell Family

I can trace my Stansell line back to my 5th Great Grandfather, Jesse Stansell. His son was Jesse H Stansell who was 1st Lieut. in Company C, Arkansas 2nd Infantry Regiment.

His son was John Robert Stansell whose son was William Oliver Stansell. William's daughter was Venna Elizabeth Stansell, my Great-Grandmother.

My Great-Grandmother Venna lived until 1987 when I was in my senior year of high school. I knew her well. For a few years, she lived within a couple of blocks of our home and I would often go see her after school. She was a very religious woman who lived her beliefs!

She lived in a little one-bedroom house that was painted a bright yellow. Her home was extremely neat! Everything had a place and everything was in its place everyday! She had gray hair that when it wasn't wrapped on top of her head would stretch to the floor.

She was a forceful woman who was never afraid to speak her mind! If she didn't like something you did, you wouldn't have to wonder if she liked it or not, you would know for sure!