Grandma’s Bird Quilt

One of my most treasured items is the quilt that my grandmother made me.

She was visiting our home when I was about 9 or 10 years old.  I was coloring in this book of bird pictures.

She loved the pictures of the birds and I gave her the book of bird photos.

She made the quilt by tracing the birds onto white blocks and then sewing yellow strips of cloth between the white blocks with painted birds.

She gave me the quilt for my high school graduation.

I still have it today but it is getting very frayed and tattered.

I display it now on top of the chest in my bedroom but I no longer use it because I am afraid that if I have to wash it very many more times that it will totally come apart.

The photos are of the birds she painted on the quilt blocks (They are somewhat deteriorated as this was a quilt I used for many years!)