Week 31: Grandparents’ House

Originally Published:  October 24, 2011

The house I remember from my Mom’s parents (Grandma and Grandpa Treat) was their house on the Don 1 Tyson Farm in Springdale, Arkansas.  They lived in that house from around the time they moved to the Springdale area from Big Flat, Arkansas until the mid-1980s.  The house was an ordinary house that sat in the corner of a chicken farm.  They had a few chickens in the yard much of the time, dogs, a milk cow, and some pigs.  I loved visiting them.

The house is no longer there.  It was torn down in the early to mid-1980s and they were forced to move to other homes as they continued to work for Tyson’s until my grandfather retired a few years later.  The farm was removed when the Tyson Sports Complex was built in that area.

The house I remember from my Dad’s parents was the house at 205 Old Wire Road.  It later became 316 Old Wire Road (Same house just a different address when Springdale was renumbered due to the installation of the 911 system in the area.  The house was a few houses from the corner of Brogdon street where my Great-Grandpa Stout and his sister, my Great-Aunt, Mabel Stout Parsons lived.  So, when we went to visit my grandparents we could walk up and visit them as well.   In the late 1970s or early 1980s, Grandpa Thompson built a porch on the front of the house and then later closed in part of the carport and added another room to their house.  Grandma lived in the house until her death in 2006.

Week 31: Grandparents’ House. Describe your grandparents’ house. Was it big or small? How long did they live there? If you do not know this information, feel free to describe the house of another family member you remember from your childhood.

This challenge runs from Saturday, July 30, 2011 through Friday, August 5, 2011.

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