Happy New Year!!

I am spending the first part of the New Year getting myself organized and trying to make some of New Year’s resolutions come to be reality!

My First Resolution

This year as it has been on many past New Years is to get myself organized! This year I am trying to make that resolution become a reality. In previous years I have made somewhat half-hearted attempts and then just accepted that I would be as organized as I wanted this year either and just went on with my life as it was. This year I am working to make that different!

I am spending some time each week planning my next week and trying to be realistic about what I will have time to do in the next week! I am also working to plan each day first thing in the morning.

My Second Resolution

My Second Resolution is have a more balanced life. I have been becoming something of a work-a-holic in the last few years. I have been drifting away from my hobbies and spending less time with my family. I am working to get more balance in my life and to get back to a balanced life. This is working with the organized life. If I can become more organized then I can be more productive in less time and still have time to enjoy other parts of my life.

I have a couple of other resolutions but I will probably not be discussing them on the blog.

This is going to be the year that I actually achieve my resolutions!

Hope everyone is having a Wonderful New Year!