Week 51: Holiday Events

Originally Published:  December 17, 2011

When I was a kid, we would go to one grandparents house for Christmas lunch and to the other for Christmas dinner.  Then for many years it was just the five of us at Christmas dinner.

A little over ten years ago things began to change.  My sister got married and had her first child.  My brother met his wife and future daughter.  Suddenly, Christmas changed for us.  We now had little kids in the family again and the holiday joy of the little kids became a feature of our holidays once again.  Now, I am an aunt to my niece and four nephews.  From the preschooler to the teenager, our home is once again going to be full of children this Christmas.

There will be candy and toys and the love of our family to share the joyous Christmas season again!

Off to the Christmas Shopping!

Week #51 – Holiday Events

Week 51. Holiday Events. Where did your family gather for the Christmas or Hanukkah as a child? Which family members and friends attended the event?

This challenge runs from Saturday, December 17, 2011 through Friday, December 23, 2011.

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